Concord Friday Night Charity Bingo

Our weekly Bingo helps us fund programs that benefit our local community.

We have always proudly provided scholarships and donations to charities. Our Concord Friday Night Bingo will enable us this year to bring more new programs to our local community such as college scholarships for at-risk youth along with grants for trade schools fees, tools, and uniforms. We believe in transparency and each week we proudly announce the amount of money each bingo raises and how the money is being used. Our charity bingo is all about community. Come be part of it and help us help others.

Frenquently Asked Questions

What is Concord Bingo?
Concord Bingo is a friendly, community-based, charity bingo run by Odd Fellows Pacheco Lodge #117.

What time is Concord Bingo?
The doors open at 6 P.M. and Bingo starts at 7 P.M.

Does Concord Bingo still provide free popcorn?
Yes, free popcorn is available at every Friday night Concord Bingo game.

Is there parking available at Concord Bingo?
Yes, Concord Odd Fellows Lodge has two parking lots providing ample parking.

Can I bring my kids to Concord Bingo?
All players must be 18+ years to play bingo. Children are not permitted.

Can I buy beer or drinks at Concord Bingo?
No smoking, or alcohol, is permitted.

What is required to play Concord Bingo?
A Buy-in Pack is required to play bingo.

Do you use cards or paper sheets for Concord Bingo?
We use paper bingo sheets containing 6 cards for each game.

Do I need a dauber to play Concord Bingo?
Yes. You may bring your own or purchase one at our snack bar.

How much does it cost to play Concord Friday Night Bingo?
Your first Buy-in-Bingo-Pack cost $10 (Required to play)

Can I play more than one bingo card at Concord Bingo?
Yes! Each additional Bingo Pack (after the first required one) is $5

Are there any other games available at Concord Bingo?
Yes! Flash Bingo Cards $1

What are the prizes for flash bingo at Concord Bingo?
Flash bingo prizes are donated by Concord community businesses.

How much can I win at Concord Bingo?
Each bingo game jackpot is determined by the number of players. The more players the higher the jackpots, so bring your friends!


Concord Bingo is located at 4349 Cowell Road between Treet Boulevard and Ygnacio Valley Road in Concord, California.
IOOF Pacheco Lodge #117

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Odd Fellows Pacheco Lodge #117 was incorporated on September 12, 1863. Originally located on Pacheco Street in Concord; the city acquired the property in the 1900s and the lodge moved to its current location on Cowell Road between Treat Boulevard and Ygnacio Valley Road in Concord California.
4349 Cowell Road
Concord CA 94518

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